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About This Site
Asheville Natural is a guide to the native wildflowers of the southern Appalachians, with additional information for plant sources, hiking trails in the Asheville North Carolina area, and a few well-chosen links to other sites with Asheville information, wildflower sources, hiking,trail and outfitter information, and botanical resources. This is a non-profit site, created and maintained with love. All information contained on this site is based upon personal observation, and all photos are our own.

"Us" is Fiona Dudley. I created this website to provide helpful information about the native plants of these wonderful Southern Appalachians. I'm an amateur, just like most of the people who visit my site. I've lived in the Asheville area for seven years, and the previous decade near Atlanta - spending most of my weekends hiking the trails of North Georgia and Western North Carolina. During that time, I joined the Georgia Botanical Society and the Southern Appalachian Botanical Society. I began observing wildflowers (and nature in general) over twenty years ago, in my homeland of the Connecticut shore. There is absolutely no commercial connection to this website whatsoever. It is a labor of love.

I do my best to make it accurate and keep it up-to-date. The current information is accurate, though there are many additions I'd like to make. I am now a professional web designer, and find that my own site is the hardest to update. I welcome any questions or quibbles you might have - please e-mail me at fdudley@weaversites.com

Thank you for visiting!


Fiona Dudley
113 Pristine Lane
Weaverville NC 28787


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